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September 22-December 18

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Class Schedule & Course Descriptions

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**Class 11/11 will be a Video Release
**Class 9/30 will be a Video Release
*class will be recorded

Progressive Yoga Series

Designed for beginners with no yoga experience, advanced practitioners and those whose practice is at a level between the two. This series creates a path for you to advance through your practice at whatever pace feels right to you, layering details and building strength and stamina along the way.

Yoga 1 (Beginner 1)
An introduction to the foundation poses of a beginning practice. Basic breathing techniques will also be introduced. The focus will be on understanding the fundamentals of standing poses and proper alignment. No experience necessary, in fact the expectation is that you have never done Yoga before!

Yoga 1/2 (Beginner 2)
A continuation and reinforcement of Yoga 1, this class allows students to solidify their comfort with the poses learned in Yoga 1 and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the principles of alignment. The focus will be on increasing strength, stamina and flexibility in the Yoga 1 poses and introducing additional poses to be developed in Yoga 2. This class is appropriate for students who have had at least one session of Yoga 1 or who have studied other Yoga disciplines. This class is a great way to familiarize yourself with our style of Yoga if you know the basic standing poses.

Yoga 2 (Intermediate 1)
Students will further explore and refine the poses learned in Yoga 1 & Yoga 1/2. Additional seated poses, simple back bends, shoulder stand and more challenging standing and balance poses will be developed in this class. One session of Level 1 and Level 1/2 is recommended prior to taking this class to ensure a foundation practice has been established and students are comfortable adjusting poses for their particular body and experience level. Students will have the opportunity to explore at their own pace and comfort level, guided by their instructor. The overall curriculum of Yoga 2 is spread out over multiple sessions to allow for an in depth study of a particular series of poses. Experience required.

Yoga 2/3 (Intermediate 2)
This class is a continuation of Yoga 2. This class will begin with Yoga 2 poses and gradually move into preparation for Yoga 3 poses. The focus will be on developing upper body strength in preparation for Yoga 3. Students will learn headstand in this class and will begin to explore arm balance preparation. Students should be comfortable in Chaturanga and Up Dog in order to enroll in this class. A minimum of 3 sessions of Yoga 2 (or the equivalent) is recommended prior to taking this class. Permission of the instructor is required to enroll in this class.

Expand and Explore

Gentle Beginner 1
This class allows students to learn fundamental yoga poses while accommodating physical limitations and challenges. The primary focus will be on building strength and increasing joint range of motion and flexibility with an emphasis on warm-ups to provide greater access to the poses. Classes are modified to accommodate individual student needs. Appropriate for students with health and recovery concerns and those who are looking for a gentler approach to their practice. No experience necessary.

Gentle Yoga
Appropriate for students who have yoga experience, but need or want a gentler approach to their practice. Students are encouraged to embrace and challenge their practice wherever they are. Poses in this class will be adjusted to accommodate each students' current phase of wellness. Chairs and additional props will ease students into the Yoga practice that is right for them. Pre-requisite: completion of Gentle Beginner 1 & 2 or equivalent.

Meditation & Mindfulness
We will explore some common misconceptions about and obstacles to meditation practice as well as its many benefits Each class will include instruction in Shamatha Vipashyana Meditation and a brief sit. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussions about your individual practice. We will also explore and share our experience with simple mindfulness activities to help us stay grounded in the present moment. No experience necessary.

Mid-Week Yoga Mix
Let us help you get through Hump Day! Tailored to each student's ability, this fun class will challenge you where you are and allow your practice to grow at your pace. Plenty of movement to energize you & then you'll leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, ready to enjoy your weekend! Appropriate for students who have completed Yoga 1 or the equivalent.

No Stress Yoga
Add some ease to your week and learn to purge day to day stress. This class will explore releasing areas of the body where we typically carry stress and tension through a variety of tools including Pranayama (breath work), Self-Massage through therapy ball work, Meditation and Acupressure as well as a variety of Yoga styles. Students will learn which tools work the best for them and how to incorporate them on and off the mat. No experience necessary.

Yin Yoga
Bring some relaxation & healing to your summer! A Yin practice is the ideal complement to a regular Hatha Yoga practice. Poses are reclined or seated, are generally held for longer periods for a deep release, and focus on the release of connective tissues and improved circulation and flexibility. Students explore the quiet, therapeutic benefits of Yin Yoga. No experience necessary.

Yoga for Mobility and Stability
This class will focus on improving flexibility and strength by working with passive stretches and gentle flows; while building stability to help students "be" and move in the body with greater ease.

Yoga & Self Massage
Stress, habitual movement patterns and a lifestyle that includes a lot of sitting can lead to physical tension and a general disconnect from our bodies. This class will offer techniques to ease and release that tension and help to develop a friendly curiosity toward sensation and our bodies in order to turn our focus inward to reconnect with our bodies in a healing way. No experience necessary. Participants will need a set of therapy balls or 2 tennis balls in a long sock. Click here to purchase a set of therapy balls.

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